Deb Koopman joined the Great River Homes team in July of 2017. What a breath of fresh air she has been!  Great River Homes, Inc. is so fortunate to have Deb on our team. If you talk to Deb, she will tell you that she loves her job and wished she would have known about it years before. Deb has a positive enthusiastic personality paired with a smile which are a dangerous combination for those who are having an off day.  Deb has a great working relationship with her co-workers and has brought new and fresh ideas to the table in order to foster positive forward thinking growth for all.  By utilizing a “can do” attitude, Deb looks at things with the mind set of how can this be achieved vs we can’t do it that way. Deb is continually thinking of ways to be inclusive with all.
Deb is a natural at nurturing people in fostering as much independence as possible.  She analyzes situations and is able to see how to connect with others in a more efficient and effective manner.  She is a person who can make others feel at ease in the most stressful of situations.  Deb provides direct support to several individuals whom receive services through Great River Homes, Inc.  One person spoke very little before Deb came into his life.  This person attended an ARRM Day at the Capital Rally this past year and lead our group of 32 in a chant. A chant that he came up with, but one he would have never felt comfortable enough or empowered enough to lead us in if it hadn’t been for Deb’s reassuring nature to give him enough confidence to use his words.
Not only does Deb provide supports to multiple people at multiple locations, but she brings integrity, creativity, and a person centered approach to each person she works with. When you walk into a space while Deb is working, it is likely you will hear laughter, music playing, see some dancing and witness those whom she is there to support actively and enthusiastically engaged in activities of daily living. Each year for Christmas, Deb and people she provides support to make personalized homemade crafts for businesses, family, friends, and neighbors. The gifts are warmly received by all and proudly placed on display in homes and many of our local businesses because the stories that go into making each one are priceless.

Deb has assisted several of the individuals she provides supports to in coordinating and hosting many parties no matter what the occasion (neighborhood cookouts, birthday and sporting event parties, holiday gatherings, etc.)  as she realizes these types of social engagements are important.  Music and food are things that seem to bring people together so there is never a shortage of either when Deb has been a part of the planning.

Deb also knows the people she provides supports to enjoy giving back to their communities.   Finding ways for people to carry out civic responsibilities (participating in fundraisers, community clean ups, food shelf collections, etc.) is important to both Deb and those she supports.

When someone is experiencing medical concerns, Deb is the first person to contact the needed people, leave notes for others and to offer to go above and beyond to ensure proper care.  Deb has a big heart and we are grateful for all that she brings to Great River Homes, Inc.