Bob and Diane Scheel Received A Good Neighbor Award
Bob and Diane Scheel of Wabasha were recognized by Great River Homes, Inc. as Good Neighbors for the nurturing and kind rapport they have with the people who shopped daily at Scheels Super Valu. The award was presented at the Providers’ Network Annual Good Neighbor Awards Banquet held at the Rochester International Event Center on November 7, 2018.
Bob and Diane Scheel owned and operated Scheels Super Valu in Wabasha for the past 22 years. The store has been owned by the Scheel family for over 49 years until it was recently sold. The Scheel family has supported the mission or Great River Homes, Inc. since 1976 when Great River Homes, Inc. began providing services. The Scheels have supported our fundraisers including the Great River Homes, Inc. Benefit Golf Tournament, The Grumpy Plunge, the Tootsie Roll Fundraiser and the Direct Mail Fundraiser. Bob and Diane Scheel have also provided a discount on groceries. Beyond their financial support, the Scheels have always made everyone associated with Great River Homes, Inc. feel accepted as valued members of the community.

Shopping is an essential activity in people’s lives. On any given day when you walked into Scheels Super Valu you could have heard people visiting in the aisles, sharing future plans or activities in the checkout lanes, and leaving the store feeling better than they did when they went in. The Scheel family did an amazing job connecting to people served by Great River Homes, Inc. They knew people on a first name basis, what they are looking for, and would go above and beyond to ensure everyone had a satisfactory shopping experience.